Changing greetings & salutations is not an option I hold my way of life

Thursday, October 29, 2015


When am moving on suddenly u came to my dream.
When am moving on suddenly u play tricks on my things.
When am moving on suddenly u are being to nice to me.
Don't give me ur so called 'hope'
Don't give me that pity excuses
Don't give me ur cute face.
Stop entering my dreams.
Stop entering my days.
Stop entering my nights.
I am not that strong enough to face what u are doing .
Yeah I know it's kinda ur nature.
Maybe it's not u it's just me.
Just one day I hope I'll get the rightful answers to my questions.
But how I wish that the dream that I dreamed 'bout u will come true.

Maybe i can say this is my so called moving on poem.

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